Friday, 17 August 2012

The haute couture ‘GURU’

Without a shadow of a doubt the closing show by my most favourite designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee at the Delhi Couture Week was to die for and a true representation of what Coture meant, and I will precisely tell you why!

I think the meaning of couture is somewhat misinterpreted in India. It gets tossed about relentlessly in an ungainly belief that everything that's a least bit fancy in the eye of the beholder automatically becomes "couture". Ethnic bridal wear is not Coutre! Couture is not just made to order high end fashion for the rich and famous. Clothes don’t earn the couture label just because they are a part of a big show, or because they cost an obscene amount of money. In a industry where couture is often sacrificed and misinterpreted on the catwalk on big shows like the Delhi Couture Week, Sabyasachi Mukherjee might as well be a heretic.

Sabyasachi's closing show at DCW clearly upholded the true meaning of couture in the middle of irreverent usage. Discreetly, almost imperceptibly, he has re-seeded haute couture back in the scene at the end of the show, without any artificial insemination.

The meticulous master making sure everything is perfect prior to the show

I found this press release on line which beautifully explains what Sabyasachi's show New Moon was about. To be honest this press release is written so well I think it will be pointless for me to try writing another one.

Here it goes:
Sabyasachi's travels around the world have culminated in his 2012 couture collection. Five cities bring five flavours. The straitjacket discipline of New York, the classic nostalgia of the British Raj in Kolkata, the subversive decadence of Berlin, the incredible romance of Paris and
the bohemian flair of Barcelona all come together to create a collection that is very global yet very Indian. Russian needlepoint, boutis from Provence, Zardosi from Agra, Kantha from Bangladesh, block-printing from Bengal and Rajasthan, intricately embroidered Pashmina from Kashmir, chintz from the U.K. and toile de joi from France coexist with rhinestones, baubles, bows, and the finest quality of needlecraft to create a collection that is exuberant yet disciplined. Accessories for the collection are from Sabyasachi's new edgy label, Sabyasachi by Sabyasachi which debuted in Sotheby's London.

Need I say any more? I don't think so.

Sabyasachi ..... Anek Anek bhalo basha
( it means lots of love in Bengali)


  1. That is a very interesting take on his work and I could not agree more. Well presented.

  2. I am so glad that finally someone has decided to point what couture actually is. Sabyasachi did do it justice and the clothes were to die for. Love reading your perspectives in this blog.

  3. Hes simply an ODE to Fashion....

  4. Sabya , Sabya, Sabya ...... GURU an apt name for the master, mind lowing. A brilliant read .... Agree with everything you have said here.

  5. I believe Sabya is to sarees as Chanel is to handbags. His creations are timeless and classic!! And above all, what could be better than to employe hundreds of those pure ARTISANS who must work relentlessly as the Guru himself!! It is my great desire to meet him someday inshallah!

  6. He z a genius ""truly amazing n a real designer""i met him before his show n gave ma best wishes to him""n u r doin a gr8 job