Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Are you in control of your clothes or do your clothes control you?


I am not generalising but there is an unwritten assumption that the higher your hemline the lower your IQ. Sabyasachi believes that clever women take a more considered approach towards fashion; he has always reflected the fact that clever women are not supposed to dress like tarts ;
Sabyasachi = Clean lines, sharp silhouettes and no cleavage!

A Sabyasachi outfit it is all about feeling distinctly empowering. It is about making a statement without trying too hard. It is about you being in control of the clothes rather than the clothes controlling you. It is about being and feeling modern without being a mutton. It is about being stylish without sacrificing credibility.

I think Sabyasachi has played a crucial role in the rebirth of empowering minimalism. He understands the need for clothing and the kind of clothes successful women want to be seen in. He offers them timeless investment pieces which have restrain mixed with gravitas making them very alluring. 

Of course the key ingredient of the intellectual aesthetic is fit and that is never compromised. Sabyasachi Mukherjee knows that the space between the body and the clothes is as important as the garments itself.
The notion for clever dressing has filtered down – Sabyasachi has become the ultimate destination for women who want to look sharp, sexy and smart. The ultimate empowerment is to wear something incredibly simple

So roll up all you well dressed minimalists , the really smart among you will be digging your pockets for a shot of power and sexual energy that a Sabyasachi creation will bring!
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  1. With a Sabyasachi creation I am in control! Love this post

    1. I 100% agree. Sabyasachi is the epitome of grace, elegance and class. He caters for modern day woman and his design need not encourage us to bare all to look sexy. It just goes to show that less is most definitely more.

  2. Kiran Sharma, New York29 August 2012 at 16:32

    You have a fantastic way of expressing what Sabyasachi stands for Ayush. Sabyasachi is one of its kind and your blog promotes his brand brilliantly. I look forward to all your posts and enjoy reading them. Good job. Can’t wait for the next one.