Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Vidya Balan : A not so Dirty Picture,Mashallah!

How could I write a blog about Sabyasachi and not talk about the magical transformation of Vidya Balan? The critics have been rather unkind about Vidya’s appearances in the past, though things changed for good now that Sabyasachi has taken her under his wing and transformed her into this gorgeous, stunning, glowing, radiant goddess! 

Sabyasachi works for Vidya because when Vidya wears a Sabyasachi outfit it does not look bolted on. There is an intelligent, playful tone and an inherent confidence , which connects with Vidya’s personality. It feels like an output of an enthusiast. One gets a sense of genuine pleasure being taken. You can’t fake this stuff, when it’s real you can almost feel it.

It is evident that Vidya Balan is comfortable in a Sabyasachi creation, she exudes confidence and sensuality. She does not hide behind the clothes, she comes across as someone real, someone who is comfortable in their own skin. What is most commendable is how a Sabyasachi outfit shines and demands attention without overshadowing Vidya’s beauty.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s and Vidya Balan’s partnership goes back to 2009 when he dressed her for the film Paa.
In an interview this is what Sabyasachi  Mukherjee had to say:
"Vidya Balan was in a crisis, everyone was panning her choice of clothes. Vidya doesn't flaunt herself like a girl. We agreed that saris and salwar kameezes would work best. Vidya admitted to having a fetish for cotton saris. "I wanted to create the impression that she couldn't be replaced by another actress. I couldn't let her fall into the clone trap. She lands in danger zone if she is pushed into looking like someone she is not..  "In Paa, I made Vidya wear 700 cotton saris. In No One Killed Jessica, I decided on understated kurtas and jeans. Nobody noticed what she wore. She shot for Kahaani in four outfits I picked up from Gap, Banana Republic and Anokhi. She runs through the film in maternity wear. She's an actor. Does anyone care what Meryl Streep wears?"

In my eyes Sabyasachi can do no wrong. With Vidya, Sabyasachi has shown the world that curves can be very sexy and the sari the most stunning fashion alternative for women. Sabyasachi likes to keep things simple and this is what he did with Vidya  which worked wonders for both of them. I am not sure why critics keep moaning about Vidya’s style being repetitive. if she looks beautiful , feels comfortable and turns heads in a Sabyasachi outfit why would she not repeat it? Would the critics not want to look and feel beautiful every day?

As pictures speak louder than words here are some stunning photos of Vidya Balan in Sabyasachi outfits.

The magic formula:

Vidya Balan in a Sabyasachi Mukherjee creation = Beautiful + Stunning + Feminine + Confident + Timeless + Gorgeous + Addictive

Do you agree? Leave your comments and thoughts :)


  1. Vidya always looks beautiful in a Sabyasachi outfit, I love what you say here about Sabyasachi's creation not overshadowing Vidya's beauty.

  2. Lella from Mumbai25 July 2012 at 10:26

    Sabyasachi can create magic!

    1. Beautifully written and I mostly agree. Vidya Balan was being pushed in the wrong direction with her style in movies. The understated yet chic outfits which she has adopted has worked wonders for her and I love to spot her at events to have a peek at the latest sari choice especially.

      Also a sari fanatic I love this blog. Keep up the good work Ayush.

      For statement sari's to suit every occassion you can visit my facebook page 'Boutique in the Attic'.

      This blog is fantastic.

  3. Ayush, forget Vidya who's a celebrity in her own right, even an ordinary girl like me feel powerful, sexy, elegant and sassy whenever I wear a Sabyasachi creation!!.... Well, that's the power of Sabya and his dream weaves.
    I am very fortunate to own a closet full of his magical yarns which is a heirloom that I would love To proudly pass on to my 2 yr old daughter.
    I hope she values them with the same passion, treasures them with the same interest as I
    do and go through the same emotions I did when I first wore my Sabyasachi saree 3 yrs ago.
    We will catch up soon... So much to talk, so much to share, after all I am a Sabya AFFICIONADO just like you.
    Catch up on my Sabya Obsession on my Lifestyle blog "Sage&Slingback".
    Keep up the good work and continue to inspire:))

  4. You are an evangelist,I am an aficionado...and our common obsession is Sabyasachi.
    My name is Jayashree Rao and I live in the U.S. Felt that today's post was just the right one to comment on.

    Ayush, I beg to differ a little here - why alone Vidya?( who's a celebrity in her own right), even a COMMONER like me feel powerful,elegant, graceful and sassy, every time when I am seen in a Sabyasachi creation and that's the magic of my "Maestros" dream yarn!

    I am fortunate enough to own a closet full of his beautiful weaves and to me they are "Heirlooms", my worldly possessions that I would proudly pass on to my 2 year daughter with a hope that she would value them with the same passion and intensity as I do, when she grows up, a legacy that I would proudly leave behind!

    With every WARP having a story to tell and every WEFT a secret to share,the many memories of my first, second,third, fourth and now the 36th Sabya will be passionately recorded in my lifestyle blog "SAGE & SLINGBACK".

    Kudos to my "Fashion Maverick" for turning a humble 6 yard Indian saree to a most sought after Indian attire in the current fashion arena....More power to you Mr.Sabyasachi and long live the saree!!

    Ayush, Keep up the good work and continue to spread the Sabya awareness!

  5. jayashree rao...30 July 2012 at 16:02

    Ayush, I didn't mean to send two comments earlier with the same content. For some reason I felt the first comment one didn't go through and had to retype the second.
    Sorry about that.... and ah before I forget, I simply love the blog template design of and colors.... so Sabyasachisque!
    Also My favorite post so far is "Sabyasachi & Nostalgia".... amazing observations and beautiful writing!

  6. Just came across this amazingly well written blog about the two of my favorite personalities. Saree one of my favourite attire, and vidya well i found her truly beautiful..Sensual!! the true Quintessential Indian Woman. 6 yards Glory, redifined, the indianess personified. Thanks for such a lovely post!! I am just waiting when my ma can pass on all her lovely wardrobe of sarees to me :D

  7. WOW! This is a great post. Love it and I completely agree with you :)