Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Sabyasachi bride

Why is Sabyasachi one of the most sought after designers for brides when it comes to their wedding outfits and trousseau saris? Why is there an unremitting demand for Sabyasachi? Why was he perfect for the show Band Baja and Bride?

Sabyasachi Mukherjee is the designer of choice for brides who aspire to be seen in wedding outfits that are so much more than just fabric. For them, Sabyasachi's creations are repositories for the precious memories of the special occasions they represent and the unique histories behind them.

A wedding is an occasion when every woman wants to exude sartorial elegance but it runs deeper than that. Clothing associated with precious moments in our lives are about more than just fabric: they are mementos of an event; they make us feel good; they connect with us at a deeper level and create new found confidence. Sabyasachi offers  eternally gorgeous wedding lenghas and saris that become heirlooms, passed to future generations and worn again for auspicious reasons. Sabyasachi creations are symbolic of their former owners: material interwoven with memories. His clothes are framed in relation to the past rather than a projected future and that is what I think makes him all the more special.

Public and private worlds are mediated through Sabyasachi’s lenghas and saris . In front of the mirror the brides create their own personal style; a Sabyasachi outfit helps them mediate their relationship with the outside world.  Sabyasachi’s creations signify memories, pull in families and link the brides to their new families, a happy future, unprecedented opportunities and limitless happiness. More than anything else it makes them feel beautiful, confident and most importantly very special on one of the most precious day of their lives. Don’t take my word for it see one of the many episodes from the  popular makeover show – Band Baja Bride on NDTV and you will know exactly what I mean!

His creations thrill the brides with their detail, astounded them with their colours and have them weeping tears of joy and goodness in equal measure.

I cannot fathom how could a bride not feel absolutely, gob smackingly, tounge hangingly, outrageously, fabulously and splendidly beautiful in a quintessential Sabyasachi red and gold lengha?

Are you a, were or going to be a Sabyasachi Bride? Would love to hear your thoughts…


  1. Oh yes I was a Sabyasachi bride and I do agree with what you have mentioned here and echo your feeling. I have a beautiful outfit and very precious memories!

  2. Prerna, California25 September 2012 at 21:36

    I love reading your blog and your perspectives. We recently got a Sabyasachi outfit for my daughter and yes she was looking exquisite and I do understand why as you say in your post they are clothes that can be cherished forever.